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Bowers Motorcycles, one of East Anglia's Premier Yamaha Motorcycle Dealers and one of Yamaha's biggest dealers in the UK for Yamaha Motorcycles.

We stock a huge range of New Yamaha Motorcycles and Used bikes, which includes all models in the latest Yamaha range in most colours. We will take almost any bike as part exchange on a new or used bike so to get a great deal come over and visit us and see what we can do for you.

We also have a large selection of demo's available all year. To request a demo ride please send us an email or contact us by telephone on 01284 705726.

Yamaha Motorcycles

Bowers are one of the UK's leading Yamaha Motorcycle dealers. Wether your a knee down bike fanatic, tourer, fair weather rider, scooter rider or into motocross. Bowers Motorcycles have a fantastic selection of bikes and scooters in store from the yamaha range. The Yamaha range has an awesome selection of bikes and scooters to suit almost every rider.

At Bowers motorcycles we aim not only to get you a bike or scooter, but to get you the right bike or scooter. Furthermore if a Yamaha Motorcycle or Yamaha Scooter is not your thing we have an extensive selection of stunning bikes from many other manufacturers and if you can't see the bike for you let us know and we'll try and find it for you. If you're new to motorcycling and looking to make your first hop onto two wheels, the Yamaha Scooter and Yamaha 125cc motorcycle range has an awesome selection. Bowers Motorcycles are the Yamaha dealer of choice no matter what your riding skill level is. If you're looking for Yamaha Motorcycles, Call Bowers Yamaha on 01284 705726.

Yamaha Supersport Motorcycles

The Yamaha supersport range contains in our opinion some of the worlds best supersport motorcycles, there's the amazing Yamaha YZF-R1 a bike born from MotoGP, with its innovative 998cc inline four-cylinder engine features a crossplane crankshaft with an uneven firing interval ensuring superb throttle linearity, giving a feeling that the rider's throttle hand is directly connected to the rear tyre, and for the ultimate in feel and controllability, the new R1 runs with an all-new Deltabox chassis offering an idealised rigidity balance.

One ride on the Yamaha YZF-R6 lets you know that this bike was born on the racetrack. Its MotoGP-bred technology is tuned to give you the kind of outstanding engine and chassis performance usually reserved for professional riders. Everything about the R6 is geared towards ultimate cornering, and getting rider and machine working as one. The chassis gives you razor sharp, ultra-responsive handling, and adjustable front forks for optimal track performance.

For those who are new to biking but want one of the most aggressivly styled 125cc bikes in its class, the Yamaha YZF-R125 takes some beating.

Yamaha Sports Tourers Motorcycles

If your biking pleasure is derived from long distance rides on high speed roads or snaking your way through stunning scenery the Yamaha FJR1300A is a bike that truly delivers. Equipped with a low-maintenance shaft drive, the 1,298cc inline 4-cylinder engine produces silky-smooth performance for an effortless ride. With its adjustable windscreen, handlebars and seat - as well as heated grips and a 25 litre fuel tank - the FJR1300A is ready to cover enormous distances in deluxe sports style

If you want to take touring to a whole new level the Yamaha FJR1300AS is an revelation, with its powerful 1,298cc inline 4-cylinder engine, effortless handling and unforgettable ride quality.But it also has something more - the YCC-S (Yamaha Chip Controlled-Shift system), an electronic clutchless gear-shift system. With YCC-S, the rider can change gear with their foot or a thumb shifter without the need to operate a clutch at all.

Yamaha FZ Series Motorcycles

The Yamaha FZ series of bikes really offers flexiblity from just one bike. At the top of the Yamaha FZ range is the stunning Yamaha FZ8. Aggressive looks and aggressive character define the Yamaha FZ8 – a high performance real world sports bike designed to deliver a shot of adrenaline every time you turn the key. The FZ8 is not a bike for beginners – it’s the naked sportsbike with true attitude and the power to back it up.

The Yamaha Fazer8 ABS steps up to the plate in the mid class bike category. Comfortable, confident and classy, the semi-faired Fazer8 is a powerful companion – an all-weather all-rounder with the ability to make any ride a high-performance sports ride.

The Yamaha FZ1 is a street bike with a supersport bike engine which gives it heart-pumping performance, with serious attitude on top and a lean and mean look that's all about raw power. The Yamaha FZ1 Fazer is a stylish motorcycle has more street presence than anything in its class. With its radical bodywork and compact dimensions, it's got the bodywork to defy the weather, storage for a weekend away, and the agility to cope with both town and country.

Yamaha Street Motorcycles

The Yamaha street range consists of four Yamaha models to suit a number of riding styles wether we combine power and agility in this collection of bikes. The Yamaha XJR1300 this is a big machine. It's big on power, big on technology, and big on street-dominating style. The Yamaha TDM900 it's no suprise we call it the ultimate all-rounder! If your riding takes you into the urban jungle the legendary XT breed of motorcycles are represented in the Yamaha street range by the XT660X which brings an all new kind of street performance, you stick it in to a tight corner and watch it come out fighting. The final member of the Yamaha Street range is the fun YBR250 a bike with very clean and contemporary lines whilst maintaining a compact design, and the punchy 250cc engine has plently of performance to tackle the city streets.

Yamaha Adventure Motorcycles

The Yamaha adventure range of motorcycles a bred from Dakar experience, as a result they are some of the toughest and reliable Adventure motorcycles available. Adventure motorcycle riding is not for the faint hearted, courage, endurance and skill are all required in bucket loads. The Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere is truly a next generation adventure tourer motorcycle perfect for eating up miles of twisty mountain roads or dirt roads and river crossings. If the Yamaha XT1200z Super Tenere is a bit bigger than suits your riding the rugged and functional Yamaha XT660Z Tenere has all that is required to ride dirt or tarmac.

Yamaha Cruisers

Feet forward on a real headturner, the Yamaha Cruisers capture the beauty from the age of the open road. There are three stunning models in the Yamaha Cruiser motorcycle range, all packed with torque, handling and comfort. The XV1900A has the kind of dramatic looks to turn heads wherever you go, with a radical neo-streamliner shape, fat alloys, pull-back handlebars, and a sparkling engine exterior

The Yamaha XVS1300A Midnight star has a laid back cruiser feel, but this doesnt mean laid back horsepower. You want your cruiser to respond to every turn of the throttle, and the XVS1300A's short-stroke configuration ensures that it does. Twist the throttle on the XVS1300A, and you'll hear the kind of growl that reminds you you're alive. After extensive testing, we have been able to minimise mechanical noise and high frequency sound. The result is accentuated deeper tones that give this big V-twin such a pleasing, low exhaust note.

The Yamaha XVS950A Midnight Star is a big cruiser style in a nimble package, it's high-torque, air-cooled, 4-valve, 4-stroke 942cc Yamaha V-twin engine gives the bike the kind of gutsy performance that begs for long, cross-country drives. The Midnight Star range is a powerful mix of substance and style. From the easy-riding of the XVS950A to the classic styling and exhilaration of the XV1900A, the range combines high-powered engines and menacing looks with the ultimate in rider comfort and control.